Black History Writing Prompts for Kids

Black History Writing Prompts for Kids

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Celebrating Black history is important for everyone to do, during Black history Month and beyond. That’s where this Black History book for kids can help.

Each page gives kids a thought-provoking writing prompt that will inspire them to think about the key people, events, and issues that shaped Black history.

Prompts include questions like:

  • What does Black History mean to you?
  • If I could ask Harriet Tubman anything, I would ask...
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., dreamed of a world where people of all races and backgrounds could come together and be equal. What is your dream for the world? Write your own “I Have a Dream” speech below.
  • Write a letter to a notable Black history figure, thanking them for the contributions
    they made to society.

109 pages 

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